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An All American Hero

America should not be satisfied with some foreign mythology. It's time to create our own superstar deity, one that embodies American values. And there may several moderately qualified candidates but only one that towers above the rest.

Foodies, Anecdotal

You'll Plug Yourself Up!

What if Ralphie Parker didn't want a Red Ryder Carbon-Action air rifle? What if he wanted a two-pound brick of sharp cheddar instead? Swap out his highly desired Christmas present and the film becomes an even better reincarnation.


You Can't Always Get What You Want

The 2016 poop-throwing contest for POTUS was the most gender charged battle since the Billy Jean King versus Bobby Riggs tennis match in 1973. And while there are some interesting comparisons between the two, perhaps the smell will be most remembered for having to vote against the lesser evil.


Deficient In Nature’s Breath

Getting out into nature and walking around has more benefits than just a bit of fresh air. The sounds of the forest, the smell of trees and flowers, the taste of clean air, and the sight of sunlight dancing through the leaves—the full body experience of nature quiets the soul and lets us recharge in no other way.

Minnesota, Sports

The Biggest Happening In Golf

The Ryder Cup is the most intense event in the golfing world. It's a unique, team-style tournament that turns the cordial golf clap into a crowd-sourced, drunken shout. New Yorker writer, John Cassidy, described the tournament as "made-for-television entertainment." And so it is. But the biannual event offers us other ideas as well.


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