Whether we are aware of it or not, the human mind is forever searching for novel experiences, original ideas, and the substance of impartial opinions. Our minds can’t help it, but that’s what makes human intelligence worth a damn. By mere instinct we collect memories, knowledge, ideas, wisdom, bits of information, pieces of make believe, and unexpected sparks of inspiration—all of which might, at first glance, appear useless or unimportant, but if we give time to reflect upon and digest such things, a curious phenomenon begins to happen. We start connecting these ideas and start an iterative process to comprehend reality with a new, and greater, perspective.

Ideas exist to be connected. The more we wander, live, and experience of the world, the more dazzling are the kaleidoscope of interconnected ideas that flash and pop inside our head. When we consume television, film, and books, when we engage in people, society, and culture, when we experience the worlds of plants, animals, and fungi, we swell with a mishmash of thoughts and feelings scattered across the limitless landscapes of the knowable world. An avalanche of ideas set to engulf our entire being, our consciousness bubbles with an exciting mental clarity — that it’s on the doorsteps of pure understanding.

We shouldn’t be afraid to zig where others zag, walk across a moving crowd, or form our own unique opinions. These behaviors manifest some of life’s greatest ideas, and the more excellent ideas we have the more profound are these connections.

Big ideas need to be wrestled with, but cripes, is it ever exhausting. Trying to compress anything into small collections of words bursting with meaning is tough work… There’s no common theme or direction that’s pursued on these pages, but the subject of life and nature are two areas of study that always turn up interesting, and connected, ideas.